Concierge Service

You might be thinking, what is this?  Let me explain.  We have been available to our Regular Established Patients, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  If you have a problem,  WE WANT YOU TO CALL US.  You can call the office number, 673-3581.  That number goes after hours to Dr. Dhillon Office Cell phone. 

We don't want you to suffer the entire weekend.  Depending on the nature of your Emergency we will call a Prescription or we will see you at the Office.  We have Staff Members who are On Call over the weekend. 

Unlike other offices that charge the patient a monthly fee for this service we DON'T.  There is an Emergency After Hours Fee, which is charged if we meet you at the office, this fee could possibly be covered by your Insurance.

If you don"t have an emergency, use our Easy Scheduler to make an appointment!