I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your dedication to the practice of serving your patients. I am a great admirer of you and your wife, who has always conducted herself with professionalism and grace. I pray for God to bless you both more abundantly than either of you could every think to ask. I especially want to Thank You for your warm and inviting personality as well as that of your Wonderful Staff whose vast knowledge and professionalism never ceases to amaze me. They are truly awesome.


I just want to take this opportunity to Thank you for being such a wonderful Dentist. You have always been there for our Family. Not only are your skills commendable but your Character is also on a high plane. You are a Man that believes in a higher being and acts accordingly. I am grateful for you and all that you do.


I have never wondered why I have been with the Charles Lutz dental practice for over thirty years. If I want excellent medical care I can go to Stanford. If I want S.F. or L.A. quality care I go to Dr. Lutz. With my full dental insurance coverage I can go anywhere. I want quality work with state of the art equipment and people who care about me. The bottom line to all of us is if a dentist is going to put something in my mouth that was in another persons mouth, it better be sterile. For over thirty years my wife, my children and I have had outstanding care and service from Dr Lutz. My father always said, "If you are with a winner, you stay with a winner".


My Family and I have been patients with Dr. Lutz for over 30 years. My children are now the "Third" Generation going to Dr. Lutz. My children have "No Fear" of going to the dentist due to the care they have been given since they where four years old. My Family and I have been very happy with the care we have been given over the years. I have recommended this office to many of my other family members and friends and they are now long time pateints of Dr. Lutz. I highly recmmend Dr. Lutz to you and your family members. You will be happy with the care you are given.